I was born at the german coast of the baltic sea and live and work in Hamburg, Germany, today. In my free time I am either singing (swing and/or classic stuff) or knitting – both at the same time would be quite difficult to manage.

My crafting-journey started with sewing – I wanted to be able to sew my own clothes for so many reasons: I was annoyed by the styles I found in the stores (everything looks the same), I was annoyed by the sizing (when it fits round the bust, the sleeves are gigantic!), I wanted more colourful garments and I didn’t want to support the ways of the big garment-producers anymore (you know what I mean…). So I asked for a sewing machine as a birthday present and after I managed my first not-so-neat-as-I-wanted-seam for training on our curtains, my first project was a circle skirt. That was five years ago and I don’t have/wear that skirt anymore, because it was not sewn very well, but right now I have many dresses, a few skirts, a blouse and a chanel jacket made of dark jeans that I wear really often. Unfortunatly, in the last two years the only stuff I had time to knit were two “nursing”-dresses after the birth of our little son, but since then I am only knitting for now, because it requires less preparation, less space and can easily be put down if my child wants attention.

Together with sewing I tried out knitting. Again. Because there have been two or three other times before in my youth that I tried but didn’t go further. This time I had a goal – a scarf made out of horrific yarn with big pompoms, which I quite liked at that time – and I had youtube. Youtube is really great for so many reasons – and the knitting tutorials and helpful videos you can find about almost everything are a neverending source of inspiration and help everytime. So I looked everything up via youtube and some videos I watched again and again until it finally worked out on my needles. And as an experienced researcher I immediately found ravelry, which probably is the greatest network ever!, and started to knit garments as well. Who wants to try out little accessories first when there are vests, dresses and sweaters to knit?! When I get enthusiastic about something I always tend to think big and I love to challenge myself. However, my first vest after the awful pompom-cowl – knit from about a kilo of superbulky, single-highland-alpaca-wool in striking red (I had seen this on a size zero model in a knitting-magazine, who wore this vest in a very cool, oversized look) – didn’t fit really good and after wearing it for about two times in total, because I was proud of my work and the yarn was quite expensive, I frogged it finally about a year ago and made a hat and a scarf of it. 😉

But since this beginning a few years ago there has been much knitting, much learning about yarn, techniques, fit and colours, and finally designing my own accessories. My favorite yarns are Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), Silk, Merino and Yak. I really have a soft spot for silk-containing yarns and dresses – and I do wear a dress almost every single day.

Long story short: the journey continues.




Sabine Engel
22089 Hamburg

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